A Message from Our CEO to Our Global Clients and Business Partners

March 12, 2020

Dear Global Clients and Business Partners, 

At their core, active managers evaluate businesses. At Loomis Sayles, we believe market shocks, like the one we are experiencing now, allow true research to come to the fore. It’s our job to look through the volatility and capture opportunities when they emerge.

There’s a mantra being repeated on our trading desk right now: “Use the green days to prepare for the red days.” Bolstered by the conviction of deep research, we buy on the days it feels the worst and believe this is how true long-term investors differentiate themselves. We know the turbulence can be tough to take, but our investors are focused and feeling energized at the possibility of adding significant value for clients.  

My focus now is on operational readiness and ensuring our organization is prepared for all contingencies. The ongoing investments we have made in the tools and infrastructure that support our alpha engines will allow our teams to execute their investment strategies under these extraordinary circumstances.

There’s a high likelihood that our global workforce will have to work from home in the near future. While we’ve experienced temporary periods of employees working remotely, it is imperative that we prepare for extended periods of remote operations across the organization. To that end, a significant portion of our employees will work remotely starting on Monday, March 16.

Beyond making sure we can operate under maximum duress, we have also eliminated all air and rail business travel in order to keep our employees and clients safe and do our part in containing this outbreak. We recognize that this will impact our direct contact with clients but we are committed to finding new ways of connecting and remain committed to the same high standard of service our clients and global partners have come to expect.


Wishing you, your colleagues and family good health.

Kevin Charleston Signature

Kevin P. Charleston

Chairman & CEO

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